July 19th, 2009

FMA→ what is this thing in my chest
  • shoats

Icon post #2: What a small post you have, my dear!

3 ☆ Fujoshi Kanojo
10 ☆ Fullmetal Alchemist warning - some yaoi, and a boy in a dress
2 ☆ Mousou Shoujo Otaku Kei
1 ☆ Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro
2 ☆ Pandora Hearts

1 ☆ Fullmetal Alchemist friends only banner (Ed)
1 ☆ Fullmetal Alchemist general banner (Alfons/Ed)

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FMA→ what is this thing in my chest
  • shoats

Blogcrew 6

ARTIST is/are the soundtrack of my life

» One claim per user, one user per claim. Friends and watchers (and I) get two claims because I'm unfair like that. ♥
» Make things easier on my inbox - put "My song" in your subject line~
» Pixel found at pixelpeach
» Any sort of band/artist can be claimed, from any country. Not Vocaloids, though.

3oh!3 - huke
Alice Nine - nekoshoujo
Belle and Sebastian - shoats
BoA - keitai
BUMP OF CHICKEN - desert_lemon
Clazziquai Project - aetherae
Coldplay - pink_for_flower
Fahrenheit - illusioncandy
Fall Out Boy - shoats
Guniw Tools - desert_lemon
Kelly Clarkson - adalimina
Lifehouse - adlasaid
Mindless Self Indulgence - huke
NEWS - colorfulkizuna
Super Junior - blackpapillon
The GazettE - pikatic
The Maine - rokeru